CONTROVERSIAL plans to put parking restrictions on one of Runcorn’s busiest roads have been scrapped following public backlash.

Proposals to prohibit parking for an hour on each side of Holloway during the working week faced wide-spread objection when put to public consultation.

The primary cause of the overcrowding is rail commuters parking on the adjacent roads, rather than using the station car parks.

At an environment and urban policy renewal board meeting, councillors said the main reason the car park was not used was because the cost was too expensive for many people rather than a lack of spaces.

Consultation was launched  in February after the council, local MP, and ward councillors  received complaints about parking on the roads around Runcorn station.

However the proposals were objected by 17 residents on the grounds that they were not workable due to the necessity for residents to move their own vehicles during the day to avoid the waiting restrictions.

Members of the board agreed that in view of the objections received, the restrictions should not be implemented because  although they would prevent commuter parking in the area, they would also have a disproportionate impact on local residents.

The car park is owned by Virgin and prices have increased in recent years.

Cllr Pauline Sinnot said that the only option left was to put pressure on the company to resolve the issue.

A residents permit scheme was ruled out by the council because enforcing highway parking restrictions is the responsibility of Cheshire Police in Halton, who said they would not be willing to take action because they felt it was a council matter.

The council could adopt  Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) powers but say this would not be cost effective.