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Terence Daley, 73, can’t even have a bath in his Runcorn home due to excessive damp and crumbling plaster
Residents say these spilitter islands on Moorfield Road are not working
Victory for cab drivers after court overturns council's bizarre ruling
Luke Backhouse has revealed ambitious plans to light up the town’s waterfront with three “shimmering” towers featuring flats and restaurants overlooking the River Mersey
The overseas territory  is outside the UK Court’s Jurisdiction and means liability orders to retrieve the debt can’t be enforced
Amy Hannah with son Marley
Residents can have their say on these ward boundary proposals. Image: Local Government Boundary Comission for England
A Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT) adjudicator said drivers do not pay a toll to cross the Mersey Gateway, as is stated by Halton Borough Council, but a “road user charge”, which is legally different, making the fine “defective”
Mersey Gateway (Image from Mersey gateway website)
The WSR Recycling PLant in Ditton is said to have been causing problems for local people for some time now.