Extra Special Douro 2010, £6.98, Asda

The river is called the Duero in Spain and becomes the Douro when it crosses the border into Portugal and meets the Atlantic near the beautiful city of Oporto.

The country is the home of some good and underrated wines of which this Asda own-label red is a good example.

The grapes are Tinta Rortz (better known under its Spanish name of Tempranillo) and Touriga Nacional which is the main ingredient of Port.

Tasty cherries and 13% alcohol.


Extra Special Falanghina 2011, £6.98, Asda

Another Asda special mentioned here last year but well worth plugging again at this great price.

Ripe peaches and nectarines are the flavours in this white from just north of Naples in the souithern Italian region of Puglia.

The grape is an ancient one unique to the area and it's surprising that it hasn't been exported elsewhere in the world.

A distinctly and refreshingly different wine and a sensible 12.5% alcohol level.