I AM not a resident of Halton – in fact I live on the other side of the country in North Yorkshire.

On December 28, after nightfall, I had to drive from Chester to Rainhill and the sat nav directed me across the Mersey Gateway.

The roads were empty and although I spotted a sign indicating a toll charge I did not see other signs indicating any payment method.

The lack of any toll booth made me believe that the toll charge had not been instigated.

I have since got a penalty notice for £22 and am outraged.

I have paid the charge because I work in a job where the possibility of a county court judgement could result in me being dismissed.

How on earth is a driver at night not knowing of the toll situation, on empty roads, observing the speed limit expected to be aware or take note of the method of payment, let alone record the payment method?

If there was a scheme devised to fleece innocent motorists this is it.

Perhaps Halton Council could spend some of the money it collects informing people from outside the borough to find alternative routes so they can spend their money on food and drink etc in your area instead.

Alan Golob

North Yorkshire