From Motorhead to Jimmy Nail, the questionable musical tastes of snooker’s leading stars have been unveiled at this year’s World Championship in Sheffield.

All 32 players are invited to choose their walk-on music prior to the event, a blast of which will accompany their entrance into the arena at the start of each session.

Oasis are the most popular choice, with Ronnie O’Sullivan and Kyren Wilson picking ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ and ‘Roll With It’ respectively, while reigning champion Mark Williams ambles in to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

Retro flavours include Stephen Maguire’s choice of ‘Here I Go Again’ by Whitesnake, and Gary Wilson’s ‘Big River’ by Jimmy Nail.

The prize for the most relevant choice goes Motorhead’s ‘The Game’, picked by Martin Gould, which includes the lyrics: “It’s all about the game and how you play it / All about control and if you can take it.”