A TEAM of 22 youngsters from Widnes Gymnastics Club is through to a prestigious World championships for the second year in a row and need your support.

The girls, aged between 6-15, have trained tirelessly for months and took part in their first qualifying competition at the weekend in Deeside.

They are part of the club's international squad which attended the same championships in Tennessee in July this year, where every single girl came home with at least one medal, with some bagging several.

The competition takes place in Orlando, Florida in June next year and the coaches and gymnasts are now working hard to set new goals for the event.

The team needs your support with sponsorship.

Head coach Vikkie Wood said: "All 22 girls passed the qualifying score by almost four marks which is an incredible achievement and for them to be qualified already with months to go before the World Championships is just fantastic.

"They are all so dedicated to their sport and work so hard during their long training sessions.

"I am so proud of them all and delighted that all of their hard work and commitment has paid off."

The international squad will now turn their sights to fundraising as well as backflips to ensure they have all the necessary kit and competition fees paid for.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the team can contact Widnes Gymnastics Club by emailing widnesgymnasticsclub@outlook.com