WIDNES Vikings travel to Swinton’s Heywood Road on Sunday looking to bounce back from last weekend’s disappointing home result against Dewsbury Rams.

Coach Kieron Purtill says his side will have to bring a 100 per cent improvement to their game after a dismal performance that he described as “unacceptable”.

The will travel to face a Lions side that will scent blood after Vikings’ last two defeats.

Looking back at Sunday’s loss Purtill said: “It was a shock but one that we contributed to.

“What we did with the ball and the amount of possession we handed over showed a lack of respect for each other as a group of players and as individuals.

“The performance certainly was not good enough, so apologies to all the fans that turned up because they deserve a lot better than what we dished up.

“We are talking a lot as a group but are not backing that up with actions. We have to be better because that was not acceptable.”

He bemoaned the schoolboy errors, like letting kick offs go out, and sloppy handling

“I watch a lot of junior football and I don’t see junior teams come up with the sort of errors we came up with - it is about concentration and attention on our job.

“If you are a bricklayer and you don’t put your mortar between your bricks and your house falls over, then you are sacked.

“We have got to be good, although we have got off zero points teams are going to come after us; they are not going to roll over for us.

“In the second half we only completed seven sets out of 20 which is disgraceful. Our attitude to the tough stuff is just not there,” he said.

They travel to Swinton, who they will overtake with a victory.

Purtill said: “We will have a bit to do in training this week.

“We went to York and got rolled, likewise against Dewsbury.

“Swinton is a tough place to go to. They have a big pack and play physical and they will be smelling blood.

“We have to be 100 per cent better."