HEATHER Glancey, Lee and his nine-year-old son Sam Roberts have been awarded their 1st Degree Black Belt at The Jason Rodd School of Tae Kwon-do based in Runcorn.

The three members have been attending our Taekwondo school for nearly four years.

The trio had been attending special black belt sessions in Derby too, as part of their preparation for their test at TAGB (Taekwondo Association of Great Britain) main headquarters in Bristol, on Saturday 20th Oct 2018.

The TAGB Taekwondo black belt grading’s comprise of Sparring (Semi-Contact) Patterns/kata’s, floor work (a technical demonstration) and theory test.

A variety of Taekwondo techniques have to be displayed in front of five 9th Dan Grand Masters

Instructor Jason Rodd said: “These students always give 100 per cent effort and have an excellent attitude in their Taekwondo lessons.

"Preparing very hard for this promotion, I am very proud to say, all three performance’s were exceptional ones and I am so thrilled to congratulate them both on becoming our newest Black Belt students to be promoted at our school."

Anyone wishing to know more about our Tae Kwon-Do club situated in St Chad’s High School, should contact Jason on 07795273362 or visit www.taekwondo.gb.net

They are currently offering free taster sessions for beginners.