JUNIOR athletes at Halton and Frodsham Harriers won a glut of medals at the North West Sportshall Final which was held at Kingsway Lesiure Centre.

Aiden Larkin led the way with four individual medals – one of them silver and another three bronze – in under 15s boys’ events.

First-place finishes were celebrated by Lewis Wilson, in the under 11s boys’ vertical jump, and by Sophie Wignall in the under 11s girls’ foam javelin.

Under 11s boy Jacob Fitsimons bagged third place in the triple jump, while Jessie McClean clinched third place at the ame age band in the chest push.

Millie Sayers, an under 15s competitor, leapt to third place in the vertical jump.

Three of the teams gained podium finishes in the relays to op off a great event.