A CRUSADING Runcorn mum is appealing for workers who visit people at home to help combat a silent killer.

Mum-of-four Lynn Griffiths has constantly warned of the dangers of carbon monoxide, after her family was poisoned by the deadly gas 20 years ago.

She is launching a carbon monoxide awareness community group in the House of Lords on Tuesday as part of her charity, C0 Awareness.

Widow Lynn, aged 52, of Sandymoor, said: “Carbon monoxide poisoning is not the first thing that someone visiting someone in their own home will think of when presented even with a classic case.”

Carbon dioxide has no taste, colour or smell yet kills around 30 people every year.

Nick Atkin, chief executive of Halton Housing Trust, spoke at the launch.

He said: “As a provider of housing services to over 14,000 people, we have a duty of care to both our customers and also our employees who live and work in our homes.

“We have been proud supporters of Lynn and her work for a number of years and are keen to create a strong community group for the area to spread the message still further and prevent needless death, illness and suffering.”

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