A NEW coin is being launched in Halton, the Widnes Market pound.

It is believed to be the first market in the country to introduce its own currency.

Shoppers will receive an extra 10 per cent off everything they buy using the unique coins.

This means for every £10 you spend, you will receive £1 free.

Halton Council is launching the innovative scheme to thank customers and visitors for supporting the long established century old market.

Cllr Ron Hignett, board member for the physical environment, said: "This is an innovative scheme to keep local money in the local economy."

The Widnes pound will be available during the Love Your Market promotion, from Saturday, June 23, to Sunday, July 8.

It will be “legal” tender within the Market until July 31 as a trial to see how successful the idea is.

The pounds will be available from a ‘bank’ which will be open each day in the market hall between 10am and 1pm, and Halton Direct Link shop in the town centre.

You will also be able to buy the currency as a gift voucher.

Customers will have the option of receiving the tender as change from traders.