A GROUNDBREAKING communications system is being launched to make life easier for people who are profoundly deaf or have hearing loss.

From next month, local charity Deafness Support Network will be offering online interpreters to Cheshire’s 90,000 residents.

Deaf people will be able to order pizzas, book holidays, make appointments and talk to friends as conveniently as hearing people.

This pioneering service will operate round the clock.

Deaf people will be able to call any phone number they wish and be automatically linked to an interpreter.

Gill Reeder, the charity’s operations executive, said: “This is a major breakthrough and one which can immediately improve the lifestyle of deaf and deafened people.

“It will reduce isolation, increase equality of opportunity and enable thousands of deaf people for the first time to use telephone communication as a social tool rather than just a means of raising alarm.

“We’re very pleased to help roll out this brilliant new service.”

Visit www.dsnonline.co.uk for further details.