HALTON people with dementia are being offered special library books.

When their condition prevents them from accessing traditional books and magazines, there is almost nothing available to enable them to ‘read’ and look at pictures.

Halton Council has bought two sets of the ‘Pictures to Share’ books which fill this gap.

These high quality books combine pictures and text for adults in a meaningful and non-patronizing way.

The books are often used as part of reminiscence activities for people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain injury or learning difficulties.

Sessions have ashown that people who are unable to talk respond to the books with smiles, wanting to hold them and touch the pictures.

Others were stimulated by the books to talk about their families for the first time.

Anyone interested in using these books can contact Trudy Jones on 01928 565973 or e-mail trudy.jones@halton.gov.uk