THIS cow must be Fresian after appearing to be ‘Dancing On Ice’.

Tina Moorhouse, from Preston Brook, captured the moment the cow decided to take a stroll on the frozen Bridgewater Canal in Runcorn.

The 54-year-old had been out walking by herself and couldn’t believe it when she spotted the cow on the water’s edge.

She recalled the story to her husband, Steve.

She said: “The cow came right down to the water.

“I was a bit frightened it was going to walk across the canal.

“My husband said: ‘Don’t be silly’. He said cows weigh half a ton and there was no way that they would get across the ice.”

However, the couple went for a walk along the same towpath the next day and came across the brave bovine again.

Only this time, he was actually wandering on the frozen canal.

Mrs Moorhouse, said: “We followed the cow for a while and then it just wandered back up on the path. ”