A NEW Channel 4 TV programme features a welfare support company with an office in Runcorn.

Benefit Busters shows how A4e helps the unemployed conquer personal hurdles to find work.

Emma Harrison, chairman of A4e, said: “At the moment, anyone unemployed for more than six months must attend 30 hours programmes for 13 weeks to update their job skills.

“For some, this is not nearly enough. They need help with literacy, improving their confidence and tackling serious problems such as alcohol abuse.”

The first programme shows a group of jobless parents develop their confidence as they tackle their personal fears.

The series follows youngsters as they search for jobs that seem to evaporate after a few weeks.

The company is confident their approach will help many young people back to work through the Government’s Flexible New Deal, which starts in October.

Emma added: “Flexible New Deal works well with A4e’s own ethos of working with the individual and will ultimately mean we can help more people to come off benefits, get into work and improve their lives.”

A4e has offices in more than 200 locations and employs 3,100 staff.