THE famous Red Arrows will be in the region this weekend for the return of Southport Air Show.

With Red Arrows as the main attraction, Southport Air Show is a highly-anticipated event that attracts thousands of aviation lovers and visitors to the Merseyside coast each year.

Due to wet weather, the Southport performance was cancelled at the last minute last year.

Although there were also logistical issues with last year's event, the air show still went ahead without the Arrows.

With organisers insisting that improvements have been made, the famous planes will return to Southport on Saturday, July 13, and Sunday, July 14.

The Red Arrows cancelled their Southport Air Show performance last yearThe Red Arrows cancelled their Southport Air Show performance last year (Image: PA)
Following the disappointment of last year's Red Arrows cancellation, 'Visit Southport' said it is confident that the event will be run more smoothly this year.

The tourist website states that organisers have more control over plane timings while improvements in staffing, entrances, and traffic management are reported to have been made.

A statement on 'Visit Southport' reads: "We sincerely apologise for some of the problems that occurred during the 2023 Air Show.

"We acknowledge that there were some logistical issues that impacted the event. We understand the disappointment experienced by some attendees.

"We listened to your feedback and we have taken action. The logistics for Southport Air Show have been improved for this year, with changes to traffic management and entry into the event."

The Red Arrows perform at locations across the countryThe Red Arrows perform at locations across the country (Image: PA)
Several flights are planned to fly over Southport over the weekend, including the RAF Red Arrows, RAF Typhoon, RAF Tutor, Rich Goodwin Pitts, Rolls Royce Spitfire, Wingwalkers, Starlings, and more.

More information about the Red Arrows can be found here.