THE Ministry of Defence has revealed why an RAF plane was circling Warrington last week.

The plane was heard and spotted by residents across the borough between 10 and 11 on Wednesday night.

In its loop, it was also circling Widnes, Runcorn, and Warrington.

The Runcorn and Widnes World asked The Ministry of Defence (MOD) the reason for this.

A spokesperson confirmed that The Atlas A400M aircraft from RAF Brize Norton was conducting a night-time sortie.

They said that this was part of its essential routine military training with the area.

“Our aircraft will regularly conduct flying training within the local area here at RAF Brize Norton and across the United Kingdom,” a MOD spokesperson said.

“The aircraft are based at RAF Brize Norton, West Oxfordshire, which is home to the RAF’s Strategic and Tactical Air Transport (AT) and Air-to-Air Refuelling (AAR) forces.

“Our mixed fleet of aircraft provides rapid global mobility in support of UK overseas operations and exercises, as well as AAR support for fast jet aircraft both on operations and in support of UK Defence.”