A Widnes leisure centre could be flattened to make way for a new development which would include housing and elderly accommodation.

Halton Council’s ruling executive board meets on Thursday where it is expected to sign off £750,000 of capital cash to demolish Kingsway Leisure Centre with a view to marketing the land to developers.

The site - which would also include land made vacant by the now demolished old Widnes Police Station and Magistrates Court, as well as Broseley House - would make way for a new development called the Kingsway Quarter.

A report to the board said any proposed development would be residential-led and feature elderly accommodation, with a design intended to improve access to Widnes Town Centre. Kingsway Leisure Centre was built in the 1970s and later extended in the late 1980s

A document outlining a vision for the site, said: "Through delivering a high quality residential-led development that makes a positive first impression on a prominent site at the southern threshold into the town centre. The site can introduce a contemporary residential offer, promote more sustainable urban living and increase footfall and activity into the town centre."

It added: "The inclusion of older people accommodation as part of the wider vision for the site to create an intergenerational neighbourhood, contributes to improving health, promoting wellbeing and supporting greater independence."

The council would also partner with neighbouring Riverside College, with apprentices and students being provided opportunities to work on the scheme.

The report added that since the Ministry of Justice closed the court in 2011, the council has been working to assemble the Kingsway Quarter site. The work included moving the police station to Gerrard Street and constructing the new leisure centre at Moor lane, which is due to open in Spring next year and is set to cost around £29m.

The report added: "This unlocks the final parcel of land required to enable disposal of Kingsway Quarter for comprehensive redevelopment. The only remaining encumbrance on the land disposal being the need to demolish the leisure centre building following its relocation."

Architects have been commissioned to undertake a feasibility study and a series of technical survey and viability appraisals are also being undertaken. The pre-development work has been jointly funded by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

Capital funding is specifically earmarked for building and other infrastructure projects and can not be used on funding council services. The demolition work is planned for spring next year. The council is currently waiting the outcome of a bid for £517,500 in Government funding. Originally due this summer, the report said it was 'not clear' if the election has delayed a decision.