The Greens are standing candidates in both Widnes and Runcorn at the upcoming General Election.

The former Parliamentary constituency of Halton has been torn up with two new constituencies replacing it - Widnes and Halewood, and Runcorn and Helsby.

In the latter, seven candidates will be vying for votes, including Chris Copeman for the Greens. He grew up in Helsby and has lived with his family in the constituency for the last 20 years. He has worked in the area for most of his life as a vet and more recently has been the Cheshire West and Chester councillor for Helsby.

He said: “Under the current Government, the NHS and education have suffered due to chronic underfunding and the cost of living crisis has made life hard for many people.  Action is needed to make homes more affordable and they need to be upgraded to reduce heating costs and make them healthier for their occupants."

He added: “Labour have already cut their funding for climate change measures, previously promised, and won’t deliver the radical changes we need.  Air pollution and water pollution need to be dealt with by improving public transport, supporting active travel, and making polluting companies pay."

Widnes and Halewood will see six candidates going head-to-head, with Nancy Mills contesting it for the Greens.

Aged 20, she is disabled having lived with a chronic illness since 2016. She said she has seen first hand as a disabled young person what she called the ‘harsh reality’ inflicted on the country.

She said: "This election gives an opportunity to change that, to amplify the voices of those who are directly affected by the choices made in Parliament. I hope in my life that I can empower other young people by speaking up for what is right."

She added: “Widnes and Halewood needs someone to listen and act when issues are voiced that directly affect them."

A full list of Widnes and Halewood candidates can be found here

A full list of Runcorn and Helsby candidates can be found here

Polling takes place on Thursday, July 4, and voters must take photo ID to the polling station. Anyone without photo ID can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate but must do so by June 26.

Further Information about acceptable forms of ID and how to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate can be found here.