REFORM UK leader Nigel Farage has visited Cheshire as his election campaign continues.

The politician met supporters at Catton Hall in Frodsham this morning, Thursday, before trying out some clay pigeon shooting at the outdoor activity centre.

He hit four of the clay pigeon targets before filming a TikTok video and being asked to pose for photos.

He refused to point a gun at photographers, saying: “Never point a gun, even in jest.”

Speaking to Reform supporters in Cheshire, the party leader said “something remarkable” was happening with younger voters.

He said: “We are not doing well with millennials. The 25 to 35s we’re not doing well with, but Generation Z, Gen Z, the 15 to 25s, something remarkable, I mean truly remarkable, is happening.

“Our support in that age bracket is rapidly, and I mean rapidly, going up.

“The following I’ve built up on TikTok, Instagram, those sort of accounts, is amazing.”

He was greeted with cheers and whooping from the crowd of supporters when he said he had been voted the sexiest party leader by a website called

He also said football supporters at the Euro 2024 tournament in Germany had been “wearing Farage masks”.

He added: “There’s an awakening in a younger generation who’ve had enough of being dictated to, had enough of being lectured to and they’re seeing through the BS they’re getting in schools and universities.”

His visit came ahead of an expected trip to Blackpool this evening.