A RENOWNED animal hospital in Runcorn has issued an urgent appeal for cat blood donors in order to keep stocks at a healthy level.

Northwest Veterinary Specialists (NWVS), on Ashville Point, is asking cat owners across Halton to consider whether their pet is suitable to become a blood donor.

Cats need to be aged between one and eight, weigh more than 4.5kg, must not have received a blood transfusion, must be healthy and not on medication.

Donors also need to be up to date with flea treatments and vaccinations, as well as comfortable and relaxed with people and not have travelled abroad.

“Feline blood donors play a critical role in helping patients in need of blood and NWVS will arrange for a blood typing and general healthy check for potential donors,” said Jenny Pearson, hospital manager at NWVS.

Multidisciplinary nurse at NWVS, Esther Montrose, has two cats that have previously donated blood when poorly feline patients have arrived at the hospital in need of blood.

“It’s always been a positive experience for both cats and also for me as their owner as I felt a sense of fulfilment that they were able to help somebody else’s pet,” she said.

“They also benefitted from lots of cuddles and treats once they had recovered in hospital.”

Anyone who may be interested in registering their cat as a blood donor or find out more information can do so by emailing Leanne Doherty at enquiries@nwspecialists.com.