A TEEN gardener has set himself a mission to tidy up the overgrown areas in his hometown village.

So far, he has even uncovered a bus stop that had vanished from sight on a main road in Runcorn.

Ambitious entrepreneur, Connor Morris, 17, is working tirelessly to hack away at the shrubbery that consumes many of the roads and residential areas in the town.

And locals are all backing his mission to tidy up Runcorn.

Connor impressively started his gardening business Turf Masters aged 15 and has continued to grow his credibility in the last few years.

The teen gardener has unblocked drains during his clean up operationThe teen gardener has unblocked drains during his clean up operation (Image: Supplied)
Recently, he decided to take on a mission to target different areas of Runcorn that appear overgrown and carry out maintenance work off his own back, beginning a funding page in support of this.

He expressed his mission on the Go Fund Me page, saying: “I’ve had a little wonder around the village this evening and there’s a lot of overgrown areas and weeds sprouting up in the village that the council don’t tend to.

“I was thinking that I could offer my services and tidy up the area and make it look a lot more welcoming, all I would ask for in return of tidying up the area clearing overgrown areas etc is a small donation to cover the cost of petrol etc

“Let me know your opinions please thanks, Turf Masters.”

Documenting his work so far on social media, the teen headed to Weston Road last Tuesday to clear up a stretch of road nearby to the Prospect Inn pub.

Connor uncovered a bus stop which had been devoured by weedsConnor uncovered a bus stop which had been devoured by weeds (Image: Supplied)
On the post he said: “Today we have completed a stretch of road leading up to the Prospect Pub.

“We even uncovered a bus stop which was completely overgrown. We also uncovered and unblocked four drains and fixed two walls that had fallen down.”

A picture accompanying the post showed the extent of the impressive work Connor had carried out to clear the huge space that was meant to be a working bus stop, but had, over time been devoured by weeds.

Another revelation that came from Connor’s clean-up project along Weston Road uncovered an old air raid shelter.

He also discovered an old air raid shelterHe also discovered an old air raid shelter (Image: Supplied)

Connor reached out to ask locals on social media what the concealed structure was, with one resident replying: “It’s an old air raid shelter that has been clocked up for a few years now, we used to play in them when we were nippers.”

Speaking on the Turf Master owner’s mission, resident Sam Bennion said: “I cannot believe residents in Weston, Runcorn and Halton are having to clean up our own areas, but we still pay the council for doing it.

“Well done to these young lads, the road didn't get closed off and everybody survived.”

So far the funding page has attracted more than £400 in donations. If you wish to donate, visit the link here.