A MAN from Widnes shows ‘no remorse’ as he was jailed for harassing a woman and releasing sexual videos of her.

Scott McGuffie, of Lodge Lane in Widnes, appeared in Liverpool Crown Court on Tuesday, May 21 for his sentencing hearing.

McGuffie previously pleaded guilty to disclosing the sexual videos of the victim and to breaching the non-molestation order prohibiting him from contacting them.

The prosecution told the court how McGuffie would call the victim numerous times from withheld numbers last year, including attempting to call them 61 times within nine days.

McGuffie threatened the victim, telling them he was going to ‘jump them’.

It was also heard that the victim became aware that McGuffie had recorded the sexual videos of them.

Prosecutor Jo Maxwell read out an impact statement on behalf of the victim, who said that the harassment from McGuffie had left them feeling unsafe and shameful.

The court also heard how McGuffie attended the victim’s home in August 2023 and banged repeatedly on the door, before running off when the police were called.

McGuffie later returned to the property after the police had left, leading the victim to have to call the police again but, again, he ran away when they were called.

The prosecution also told the court about McGuffie’s littered criminal history, consisting of 12 convictions for 16 different offences, including beating an emergency services worker in 2023.

McGuffie was sentenced to a total of three years imprisonment.

“[The victim] believes that you have no remorse for what you have done,” said Judge Mr Recorder J Laska.

“I have to say in my view having watched you shake your head through the prosecution’s opening and through my remarks I have to say that is an accurate statement.”

McGuffie was sentenced to a total of three years imprisonment and a restraining order to stay away from and not contact the victim until further order from the court.