A FORMER pop musician is hoping to make Runcorn a hub of music and create opportunities for aspiring artists from underprivileged families.

Elliot Locke, who performs under the name Elijah MC, was previously a member of 90s pop band Maxx.

Six years ago, Elliot decided to leave the group after spending many years touring and settled down in Runcorn, where he is now the local chimney sweep.

“Runcorn really captured me and my imagination,” he said.

“I fell in love with the people here and there’s nowhere else I would rather be in the world than Runcorn.”

The 42-year-olds main vision is to offer experiences and contacts to underprivileged families and young people to help them access the musical world.

Elliot hopes to start this by creating a new album of music, inspired by the local dance music scene, which is set to be released next year.

Using this new music, Elliot wants to perform it at festivals to try and get attention back to Runcorn, and eventually get funding for studio equipment to help teach children how to produce their own work.

“One of the things I’ve come to realise living here is that it’s often largely overlooked financially, and so often when projects and commitments to local communities happen, they don’t tend to stay,” he said.

“I believe using my experience and connections, there is an opportunity here to reach our young people in a way distinctly and uniquely familiar to them.

“By creating an album with sounds they identify with, with messages of hope and positivity, it sets a foundation to building a bridge with them – showing them what’s possible locally.”

Runcorn and Widnes World: Elliot is hoping to use his professional experience to help inspire young people in RuncornElliot is hoping to use his professional experience to help inspire young people in Runcorn (Image: Maxx)

Elliot believes that the fact Runcorn can be overlooked is actually a positive thing, and that it could help create a hub of opportunities for young people in the area.

“One of the reasons I absolutely adore Runcorn is because there’s not a lot happening, the opportunity to do stuff is more available than it is in big cities because no one’s doing it.

“That’s the unique way I tend to see Runcorn and Widnes, and there’s the chance to show younger people that its possible to realise their dreams because they won’t be stepping on anyone’s toes.”

Elliot was due to perform next month at the Castle Calling festival at Halton Castle, which has sadly been cancelled.

However, he is due to be performing on Saturday, July 6 at a charity fundraiser for Halton Haven Hospice.

Elliot has been meeting with some churches in Runcorn to discuss the prospects of his plan and look for a venue to start inspiring young budding musicians.