POLICE have seized a car after spotting the occupants engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Cheshier Police officers on patrol in Widnes over the weekend noticed the occupants throwing eggs at other vehicles.

They will now have to pay to regain access to the car.

Officers say their actions could have caused crashes on the roads through drivers trying to avoid the eggs.

The force’s Widnes Police team said: “Happy Easter from all of us here at Widnes local policing unit.

“I think the owner of this vehicle may have got a little over egg-cited for Easter though as its occupants have twice been involved in egging cars in the Widnes area.

“We have now taken their car away from them using powers under the Police Reform Act which will cost them to retrieve it.

“Perhaps the money could have been better spent on chocolate eggs for their friends and family.

“Some may say this is just harmless fun, but we say this is no ‘yolk’ as the actions could have led to others swerving potentially causing collisions.”