THREE quick-thinking pupils from a Widnes high school came to the aid of a distressed and lost child on a busy road.

The year nine students at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic High School were on the way to school last Friday, March 22, when they saw the child close to a high traffic junction on Liverpool Road.

Georgina Cartledge, Sam Harvey and Alfie Massie stayed with the four-year-old and reported the incident to the Cheshire Police.

The students were able to comfort him and keep him safe until the police were able to reunite him with his mother.

Speaking at the time, the child’s father said: “Our four-year-old autistic son ran away from his mother and was unable to be found in this time.

“After a frantic search with multiple people, he was identified by three pupils from Saints Peter and Paul High School, who held onto him and called the police.

“I cannot commend and thank these three young people enough.”

He continued: “Without their intervention, the circumstances and probabilities could have been a lot worse.

“I would like just to thank and offer my unwavering support to these three individuals for the actions they took, but also thank the school for educating and presenting this mindset in this type of situation.”

School principal Danielle Scott added: “We are immensely proud of the fast and thoughtful actions of three of our students.

“This ensured a positive outcome in what could have been a dangerous situation, and we are so pleased to hear that the young boy they found is now safely at home and doing very well.

“Alfie, Sam and Georgina have been celebrated by their year group progress leader and members of our senior leadership in recognition of the calm, mature and compassionate response they provided.

“We are sure that their ability to keep a cool head in stressful circumstances will stand them in good stead for the future. Well done to them all.”