A BOOK swap is set to take place in Runcorn for International Children’s Book Day, allowing children to take home second hand books for free.

Runcorn Shopping City will hold the book swap on Tuesday, April 2, in partnership with Halton Lea Library.

The event has been organised by the shopping centre following the release of a National Literacy Report which was released last year.

The report found that one in three parents said they were buying fewer books and educational devices for their children due to the cost-of-living crisis.

“The ongoing cost-of-living crisis has had a number of effects on various areas of our life, but it is devastating to discover that it’s having such a vast impact on our children’s literacy opportunities and their ability to discover new books and continue to enjoy reading,” said Dave Pearman, shopping centre manager at Runcorn Shopping City.

“Parents are struggling financially, and the report shows that they are now having to buy fewer books and educational resources for their children as a consequence.”

Now, Runcorn Shopping City and Halton Lea Library are holding the book swap to help combat the issue after the successful uniform swap held by the shopping centre last year.

The book swap will take place in Community Square inside the shopping centre.

“We’re asking children to come along to the centre with their families and donate any books that they no longer need or want, and in return pick up any books they see that they’d be excited to take home and read,” said Dave.

“No child should be deprived of the escapism, joy and wonder that reading can bring them.”