A MAN used his dog to threaten police officers who attended his home after he failed to attend court, officers said.

Cheshire Police officers attended an address in Runcorn in the early hours of yesterday, Monday, after a suspected drug driver did not attend court as ordered.

The force said he was obstructive and said his dog was ‘trained to attack on command’.

He was arrested however, with additional offences added regarding obstructing police and being in charge of a dangerous dog.

The force’s Runcorn Police team said: “If you are charged with an offence and fail to attend court, you can expect us knocking at your door day or night.

“If you then make it difficult for us to arrest you and put you before the court, we are not just going to walk away because you don’t feel like being arrested.

“One man found out this morning at approximately 2.30am when officers attended his home address to arrest him.

“This man decided that rather than attending court over a simple drug driving charge, he would be obstructive to officers, use his dog to threaten officers, which he described as being trained to attack on command, and wasting valuable police resources time by refusing to exit his property and hiding behind his not so friendly dog.

“Unfortunately for him, we were not giving up, and with the assistance of Runcorn, Warrington and Widnes officers, and our dog unit, the man was subsequently arrested, adding further offences of obstruction and possession of a dangerous dog to his list of offences.”