A MAN who punched a stranger on the street four times while attending his dad’s 70th birthday party was fined ‘£150 per blow’ by the courts.

Philip Smith was attending his dad’s birthday bash at the Simms Cross pub in Widnes when a fight broke out outside.

Joseph Kindley, prosecuting, told Warrington Magistrates Court on Tuesday that the incident occurred on April 22 last year.

“There was a disagreement with two parties. The defendant was with the co-accused. There was a scuffle,” he said.

CCTV showed to the courts, saw the defendant, of Philip Road, Widnes, swing four times at the victim, a man who was innocently walking down the street back from work with his colleagues.

The fourth swing causing the victim to fall to the floor.

Mr Kindley explained an argument had broken out between family members that had spilled out onto the street and Smith had been punched, his glasses having been knocked off his face.

The 34-year-old and the co-accused, who has been sentenced for more serious charges at crown court in relation to the assault on the victim, both caused harm to the individual.

Police were called to the incident as well as emergency services who tended to the victim. During interview, the defendant explained he had attended the pub for his dad’s 70th birthday.

Referring to the injuries caused by Smith, Mr Kindley said: “There was some swelling, bruising and tenderness in the cheek and right eye.”

He added that following a CT scan, the victim found other injuries had been caused by the co-accused in the case who continued to harm the man once he had been knocked down by Smith.

Defending, Mr Edwards said: “To say this man is ashamed, regretful, and remorseful for his actions is an understatement.”

The defence barrister explained that both Smith and his partner had been ‘antagonised’ by other individuals at the party which led to the incident outside.

“The defendant was punched which knocked his glasses off. He just saw fight or flight and lashed out believing there was someone going to attack him.”

Mr Edwards added that after the emergency services were called, his client waited with the victim for the ambulance to arrive.

Chair of the bench, Ian Johnstone, addressed the defendant before sentencing.

“We are appalled by your behaviour,” he said. “Somebody was walking home at night. You decided to hit him. You did not hit him once; it was a sustained assault.

“We are going to make you confront your behaviour, because you are a violent man.”

Mr Johnstone served the defendant a 20-month community order which includes completing 20 days of rehabilitation, as well as 100 hours of unpaid work and a £114 victim surcharge.

He was also forced to pay £600 compensation to the victim, the chair of the bench declared as ‘£150 a blow’.