THE Liberal Democrats have announced their candidate for the Cheshire police and crime commissioner election in May.

It has been confirmed that Paul Duffy will stand in the election for the party.

Under the banner of ‘Let the police, police’, Paul pledges unwavering commitment to combating crime in all its forms.

Recognizing the pressing issues of violent crime, including knife crime and violence against women, Paul vows to prioritize these critical areas to ensure that ‘our streets are safe for all residents’.

Drawing on years of experience and a deep understanding of local dynamics, Paul says he will ‘work tirelessly to implement targeted strategies to address these specific challenges head-on’.

Furthermore, with a focus on prevention, Paul aims to ‘reduce crime at its roots’, investing in community initiatives, youth programs, and early intervention strategies.

Central to Paul’s platform is the implementation of ‘restorative justice practices’, offering a ‘compassionate and effective alternative to traditional punitive measures’.

And as the Cheshire police and crime commissioner election approaches, Paul says he ‘stands ready to lead with integrity, compassion, and a bold vision for a safer, more just Cheshire’.

John Dwyer, Conservative, is current PCC with other rivals declared including Dan Price for Labour.