POLICE have slammed the actions of anti-social yobs on motorbikes.

Cheshier Police officers in Runcorn say they have received reports from residents in Halton Brook of nuisance bikes.

These have been putting people at risk, the force says, and it is urging people to report any incidents.

The force’s Halton Brook Police team said: “Over the last few weeks, we have been informed of sightings of motorbikes in and around the park areas on the estate.

“Sometimes these bikes have been reported riding up the pathways very close to pedestrians, which is really worrying.

“If possible, please call in any live sightings via 101. We may be just around the corner and be able to catch them in the act.

“I cannot guarantee we will always be able to respond immediately, but it gives us a chance to.

“If you know where these bikes are being stored or who is riding them, please let us know in complete confidence.

“We are very keen to locate and stop these reckless individuals. Some of them likely live on the estate. They may even be your neighbours.

“Ultimately, what they are doing is incredibly dangerous and is putting people at risk.”