A SPECIAL surprise ensured a former Brownie leader had a 99th birthday to remember.

Eunice Stobbie, a resident of Westvale House care home in Old Hall, was a Brownie leader for many years at St Mary's in Widnes.

So to honour her 99th birthday, the team at the Old Hall Road home invited along members of her old Brownie troop to come along and celebrate with her.

Some of Eunice’s guests included current Brownie leaders Helen Wall and Marie Grace.

They were joined by past leaders and assistants Gwen Nuttie, Christine O’Sullivan, Christine O’Conner and Chris Hill.

Some of the Brownies themselves even came along, as well as Eunice’s son Andy.

Eunice enjoyed her cake and hot beverages with her guests, and she was showered with lovely gifts and tales of when they all worked together.

After flicking through the photo albums and singing some old campfire songs, Eunice renewed her brownie promise and received two new badges to wear with pride.

They even brought along a toadstool that Eunice had made for the children in her days as a leader, which she remembered and was absolutely thrilled to see was still being used.

Jackie Bray, general manager at Westvale House, said: “The day was filled with laughter, smiles and campfire songs that brought joy to not only Eunice, but all the residents and staff too.

“We are thrilled that, not only were we able to track them down, but they were able to join us today to celebrate and bring such lovely memories with them.”

When asked what she thought of the day, Eunice said: “it was such a lovely surprise. I will have a day to remember for a very long time.”