POLICE say they are working on tackling the ‘danger and menace’ that is nitrous oxide in a Halton village.

Cheshire Police officers in Hale Village came across large cannisters of the substance, which is also known as laughing gas.

It was made a class C controlled drug in November, making its possession, where a person intends to wrongfully inhale it for a psychoactive effect, now an offence. 

Officers are upping patrols in the area to catch those misusing it, and they are urging residents to report any information about those inhaling it.

The force’s Ditton and Hale Police team said: “We want to reduce the danger and menace the misuse of these cannisters bring.

“They are nitrous oxide. The law was thankfully changed to make the misuse of inhaling them illegal.

“If you see these being used illegally, such as by a group of people in secluded areas and possibly balloons, call the police on 101.

“If in a vehicle, please try and obtain the registration, make, model and colour.

“I recently came upon 15 of these cannisters in Hale Village and will be stepping up patrolling to try and catch or deter those responsible.

“They are the same product as those small steel cartridges you may have seen discarded in lots of places.”