A POLICE dog aided in a response to intruders at a derelict building in Runcorn.

On Monday, Cheshire Police were called to a building on Sandy Lane, after reports of intruders.

Local officers attended the scene, where PD Turo aided in locating the ‘intruders’. Described as ‘four males, dressed all in black’, the intruders turned out to be four boys aged between 12 and 13 years old.

After being located by PD Turo, the boys were stopped by officers – and given a warning against exploring the Sandy Lane derelict building.

A spokesperson for Cheshire Police said: “At 5.50pm on Monday February 26, police were called to reports of intruders at a derelict building on Sandy Lane, Runcorn.

“The caller reported four males, dressed all in black, who were attempting to enter the Pavilions.

“Local officers attended, supported by PD Turo, and four males were seen fleeing the area on foot.

“All four boys, two aged 12 and two aged 13, were quickly located by PD Turo and stopped by officers.

“The boys stated that they were in the area exploring the derelict building.

“All four boys were advised that their actions were no appropriate and warned not to enter the building again.”