THE creator of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps’ is set to revisit Runcorn and the locations that sparked inspiration for the award-winning comedy series.

Susan Nickson is a successful comedy writer who grew up in Runcorn.

Her much-loved 2001 sitcom and what she is renowned for was based in her hometown and much of the filming was done in Runcorn too.

The show still to this day airs re-runs on TV channels and its fanbase spreads far and wide.

Nickson is set to return to Runcorn next Tuesday to visit locations that brought inspiration for the show, as well as to learn more about a project that hopes to breathe life back into her hometown, Reconnecting Runcorn.

This programme is funded through the Towns Fund which forms part of UK government’s levelling up agenda, with the purpose to drive sustainable long-term economic and productivity growth, through the regeneration of the town.

Reconnecting Runcorn is an ambitious set of eight projects, that collectively will improve the lives and livelihoods of local people and boost the local economy.

The ambition is to invigorate and enhance the connections locally, through improved training and economic opportunities, enhanced transport links, housing and environmental improvements, and upgraded visitor attractions. 

Thirteen years on since the creation of the hit show, Nickson is going to spend the day visiting some of the key projects that will form part of the regeneration of the town.

A spokesperson for the programme said: “We will get her take on what makes Runcorn so special not only to the sitcom’s success but to the community and what the show might look like 13 years on.”