A RUNCORN mum is on a mission to raise £29,000 to help her eight-year-old daughter to walk.

After Ella-Rose Spencer was born, she spent 11 weeks in the intensive care unit and underwent an operation to fix a hole in her heart.

Ella-Rose, who has Down syndrome and West syndrome, was then diagnosed with visual development delay.

And at nine months old, she started to have infantile spasms which are now controlled through medication.

Now, her mum Emma Carmichael is fundraising for an Innowalk which will help Ella-Rose to walk.

The Innowalk would give Ella-Rose the ‘same chances in life as any other child’, supporting her body while allowing her legs to move.

It would also gradually get her into a standing position while her feet and knees are ‘doing  the walking’.

For the last couple of weeks, Ella-Rose has had the chance to trial the equipment.

She is like a ‘different child’ on it, says Emma.

“Her target was to walk five kilometres, but she’s done about 14.

“She is already holding herself more upright.

“It has done wonders for her muscle tone and she smiles and giggles the whole time she is in it.

“If this is what she can do in just two weeks, the possibilities are endless if she owns one for herself.

“The ultimate dream is to one day see Ella walk and I know she can do this if she has the right resources.”

So far, the family has managed to raise £10,000 through sponsored challenges, auctions, and more.

Wrecker’s Raffles are even running a competition to win a holiday in Ibiza in a bid to raise funds for Ella-Rose.

Details can be found here: https://www.wreckerraffles.co.uk/.../win-a-holiday-for-2.../

Ella-Rose’s family are also being supported by charity Tree of Hope which helps with fundraising or children with healthcare needs that cannot be provided by the NHS.

To donate, visit: https://www.treeofhope.org.uk/ella-rose-spencer/