THIS is the reason the Silver Jubilee Bridge will be lit up with a spectacular light show this week.

Halton Borough Council, and bridge contractor Balvac appointed Arup to work with a group of year five and six children at Widnes Academy in West Bank to create a memorable light show.

The show will take place every night this week, from Monday to Friday.

At a design workshop in the school, the children designed colourful lighting concepts and developed ideas to animate them using some effects they had enjoyed seeing at the light show on November 5.

Arup then developed the ideas into storyboards which were programmed into a light show with the expertise from Studiotech.

Richard Morris, from Arup, said: “Arup always strives to collaborate, using imagination and technology to shape a better world.

“It was such a delight to work with Widnes Academy to design a light show for their local landmark.

“The children were really enthusiastic, and I hope they feel proud when they see their finished show.  We’d like to thank Ms Kirchin and Ms Rushton from Widnes Academy for getting the children involved.”

Each child has a 40-second segment in the show which they have named themselves.

The segments include: Spread Happiness and Joy, Splash of Colours, Blue Light, Supersonic, Musical Art and Legend.

Mrs Laura Kirchin, head of Widnes Academy, said: “As the Silver jubilee Bridge is right next to our school and can be seen from classroom windows, this was a really exciting project for the children of Widnes Academy to be a part of.

"We look forward to seeing the children's designs presented in such a unique way for the whole community to celebrate the talents of our young children."