A NEW report has ranked towns across Cheshire based on their average price of unleaded petrol and diesel.

Motorists have been in a constant battle with fuel prices over the last couple of years, seeing them reach unprecedented heights that they just can’t afford.

The 2023 Fuel Price Report by Cromwell Trucks and its digital marketing company ranks areas that have the highest and lowest petrol prices per litre, revealing the most expensive and cheapest areas to get fuel.

Warrington is third cheapest town for petrol prices in Cheshire, with it costing 142.9p per litre, but it ranks the cheapest for diesel prices in the county with it costing 148.6p per litre.

Northwich is the cheapest Cheshire area to get petrol, with a price of 142.5p per litre.

Knutsford is the most expensive area in Cheshire for petrol and diesel, with it costing 154.9p per litre on average for the former and 159.4p per litre for the latter.

Cheshire’s average petrol price is 147.4p per litre, which is the highest out of nearby counties.

Ranking areas in Cheshire based on their average petrol prices per litre:

  1. Northwich – 142.5p
  2. Winsford – 142.6p
  3. Warrington – 142.9p
  4. Runcorn – 144.9p
  5. Widnes – 147.3p
  6. Wilmslow – 147.5p
  7. Chester – 148.5p
  8. Middlewich – 149p
  9. Knutsford – 154.9p

Ranking areas in Cheshire based on their average diesel prices per litre:

  1. Warrington – 148.6p
  2. Winsford – 149.6p
  3. Northwich – 149.7p
  4. Runcorn – 154.6p
  5. Middlewich – 155.9p
  6. Widnes – 156p
  7. Chester – 156.1p
  8. Wilmslow – 156.5p
  9. Knutsford – 159.4p

Ranking nearby counties based on their average petrol prices per litre:

  1. Merseyside – 143.3p
  2. Greater Manchester – 143.7p
  3. Shropshire – 145p
  4. Derbyshire – 145.6p
  5. Staffordshire – 146.4p
  6. Cheshire – 147.4p