‘It would completely change our lives’ – a mother is urgently pleading for help to raise enough money to buy her daughter a machine which will enable her to walk again.

Ella-Rose Spencer is an eight-year-old from Runcorn who was diagnosed with down syndrome and west syndrome.

She is currently unable to walk but access to a specific piece of equipment could completely change her and her family’s life.

“If she does not get walking now, she will be a wheelchair user for the rest of her life,” Ella’s mum Emma said.

From birth Ella has had complex health needs and has had a battle on her hands, having had to undergo open heart surgery at just four months old.

She spent three months in the ICU before she was discharged, and at nine months old she then began to have infantile spasms – a rare form of epilepsy – and had to undergo intense treatment.

Ella’s mum Emma said due to the health complications she experienced in her first year, she missed many fundamental development stages that most babies will learn during those 12 months.

The fight and determination shown by Ella is clear from the video Emma has made showing her daughter’s recent journey in learning to walk again.

While she used to use a standing frame to help her walk, Emma said in 2020 Ella had to have a knee operation which left her traumatised and unwilling to use the frame.

After some extensive research Emma came across the Innowalk machine.

“It puts you in a sit position and moves your legs. We had a trial, and she just blew us away with the target we set for her to achieve,” Emma said.

“There is no pain. It is literally the only thing that will work.”

The Innowalk moves the individual’s legs and Ella can be seen enjoying her time spent using the machine in the video Emma has made for her appeal for funding help.

“The machine will grow with her, it will take her into adulthood,” Emma added.

But with the machine costing an eyewatering sum of £29,000, the family have decided to begin fundraising for the total amount.

“We have had raffles, sold hampers, me and my mum are doing a sponsored 25k walk,” Emma said.

The mum-of-two emphasised the importance of the machine and Ella using this at this present time in her life.

Expressing how the machine and Ella re-learning to walk would impact the family, Emma said: “It will change our lives.

“Even if she does not achieve walking and can weight bare it means we can actually go on holiday.

“She is permanently disabled currently. Even if she could stand up it would mean we could do much more. It would mean we could something as a family.”

Currently the Tree of Hope funding page for Ella has raised more than £4,000.

If you wish to donate to the funding page or learn more about Ella’s inspiring story visit the link Ella-Rose Spencer - Tree of Hope