A HALTON village where residents said HD streaming was ‘impossible’ has now welcomed new full-fibre broadband.

Hale Village can enjoy the UK’s latest, fastest and most reliable broadband technology now that Factco has successfully delivered full-fibre broadband capable of reaching 800 properties in the area.

The ambitious project, initiated in May last year, was a significant investment from Factco to design and deliver a network of modern, built-to-last infrastructure.

Residents are already enjoying the benefits of Factco’s full-fibre broadband in Hale Village, with more connections being scheduled by the day.

Thomas Barry was connected to the network this month and shared his experience, saying: “4K was unwatchable before, and now there does not appear to be any buffering at all.

“We have been streaming content seamlessly, so we are very happy with everything.”

Chris Fogg, head of customer support at Factco, said he is glad to see the positive impact the network has had in the community.

He commented: “The team has worked tirelessly to get Hale Village up and running with a full-fibre network built for the future.

“Thanks to the assistance from the community and our project team, we have delivered a service that Hale Villagers can enjoy without any digital limitations.”

Rural areas often face significant barriers to broadband upgrades, which is often why they are excluded from full-fibre rollouts plans from larger companies.

Factco specialises in implementing networks in hard-to-reach locations.

Hale Village homes and businesses can now secure a full fibre connection through Factco.