A WELL-KNOWN store is rumoured to be closing on Runcorn High Street.

Boots pharmacy on the main High Street could be facing a closure soon, leaving only a handful of pharmacies left in the area for residents to collect their prescriptions from.

Residents are in uproar about the potential closure, which Boots are yet to give comment on, with many stressing that they will have to use public transport just to collect a prescription.

One resident, who wishes to stay anonymous, said: “This area of Runcorn has received millions of pounds in government grants for improvement. I think it is a very short-sighted decision that has been made by Boots.

“When Boots close this store there are two other pharmacies in the area, one at St Paul's GP practice but which does not open on a Saturday and another one which I fear may be swamped by individuals like myself who will need to travel by public transport to pick up their regular prescriptions.”

The national pharmaceutical brand announced in June this year they would start a consolidation process that would see the closure of 300 stores across the country.

How this works is that specific Boots stores that have two stores within approximately 2km radius of each other will be consolidated into one store.

But convenience wise, many customers who use the stores to collect prescriptions regularly may be affected by this.

The Runcorn resident added: “When this outlet closes the ‘old town’ will have as many bookmakers as pharmacies.”

Runcorn MP Derek Twigg labelled the potential closure as a ‘significant blow’ to the community.

Speaking on the issue he said: “I was disappointed to hear about the proposed closure of the Runcorn branch of Boots pharmacy, which serves as an important and accessible resource for many constituents.

“When I contacted Boots to make clear the concern from the community, they told me that the closure is intended to better focus store investment and concentrate their workforce more efficiently across the country.

“They also said that this is related to their preparations to offer the NHS Common Conditions service in the coming months.

“However, the loss of a well-used high street convenience represents a significant blow to the community.

“Those collecting prescriptions from Boots will now need to travel to Shopping City, which is clearly far from ideal for many people.

“I hope that Boots will take on board the continued concerns being expressed by the many residents who use the Runcorn branch, and seriously consider whether it can instead be maintained.”

Boots were contacted but provided no comment or confirmation on the rumoured closure of the Runcorn store.