A MUM-of-two in Widnes has been left with severe leaks and mould in her home.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, has experienced a litany of issues with her home, which she rents from Halton Housing.

She spoke to the Runcorn and Widnes World about her living conditions, and the difficulty of looking after her two children while in the property.

Runcorn and Widnes World: Damp and mould has been found around the home, the resident saysDamp and mould has been found around the home, the resident says (Image: Supplied)

The Halton Housing resident cares for her two children, who have ADHD and autism - her partner is in the armed forces, and is therefore frequently working away from home.

As well as caring for her children, she also has functional neurological disorder, too, which means that she has had seizures and strokes in the past - some of which are brought on by stress, she told the World.

The resident told the World that she and her family moved into the property at the beginning of March this year, and leaks first began at the property at the end of the same month.

She said: "We are in November 2023 and nothing has been done to the property. 

"They wouldn't come out when we had all that rain and my house got flooded with rain water - it took them over three weeks to fix it but nothing has been done inside the property."

She added: "We have bumps in the ceiling, with wallpaper coming off."

Runcorn and Widnes World: The ceiling has leaked numerous times, the mother-of-two told the WorldThe ceiling has leaked numerous times, the mother-of-two told the World (Image: Supplied)

Elaborating on the extent of the leaks, the resident said: "The kitchen had a massive leak and no one has been to sort it.

"They came out to do a mould paint job and the [workman] walked off the job, and we have been left living in this situation.

"It's horrible for my husband to come home and know that his family lives in this condition. 

"We pay our full rent and council tax and no one has contacted us to help us in any way."

When contacted for comment, a Halton Housing spokesperson told the Runcorn and Widnes World: "Our customers’ safety and wellbeing remains our top priority.

"We are currently working with the customer to resolve the issues that they have raised.

"Several repairs have already been completed and we will continue to work with them until all the issues are resolved."