Internet sensation Jackie Weaver has been given the authority to make a guest appearance at a Hale Parish Council meeting next week.

The beleaguered council's clerk is currently suspended and police were also recently called to a meeting which had descended into chaos and had to be abandoned. The finger of blame was pointed in different directions following the alleged brouhaha, with hints that all may not well in the background of the leafy village's political scene.

One reader told the World that a subsequent meeting was 'standing room only' with others being turned away, such was the level of interest in the parish council's current situation.

Now Jackie Weaver, whose meeting at Handforth Parish Council went viral during Covid lockdown and propelled her to internet stardom, has been drafted in in her role as chief officer of the Cheshire Association of Local Councils.

She will sit in on a meeting of Hale Parish Council on Monday.

Jackie Weaver trended on social media after a Zoom meeting of Handforth Parish Council spiralled into chaos, when she ejected the chairman after he challenged her 'authority', which sparked further shouting.

She told the World: "What I have agreed to is to take the minutes of that meeting and to provide what procedural advice during the meeting as they may require.

"It is vital that the council are able to move forward and take the necessary decisions to deal with the current suspension of the clerk.  That is what we hope to achieve during the meeting."

She said that the parish council would have to decide how they want to investigate the suspension and then to decide on an outcome as to whether the suspension was reasonable or unreasonable and what actions to take accordingly.

She added: "Until this issue is resolved, it would be inappropriate to appoint an interim clerk."