YESTERDAY, Tuesday, it was revealed that Cineworld in Runcorn will be closing.

The chain said it has reviewed all options but has taken the ‘difficult decision’ to close the venue on November 26.

Hundreds of readers have responded to the news which has been described as a ‘huge loss’ for the town and a ‘huge blow’ for employees, families, and businesses.

People have shared their sadness about the closure as well as their memories.

Here’s what they have had to say:

When it opened the bar was open and the arcade and Pizza Hut. It was fab.

Ellie Darlington

Maybe if they did it up like all the other ones and brought the arcade back more people would actually use this one instead of going to Speke. It's a shame that Runcorn isn't invested in the way it needs to be.

Robyn McCattrall

Use it or lose it.

John Macklin

Runcorn is just getting worse and worse. Nothing here anymore.

Martin Jennings

Hardly anyone went, so no big surprise like.

Russ Healey

Such a shame. Hopefully the staff can find other jobs elsewhere.

David Clarke

Absolutely gutted. Unlimited for over 10 years and visit most Sundays.

Wendy Kavanagh

What the hell are they going to put in there? It is a massive unit. It will end up getting vandalised. Such a shame.

Maria Guimerans

Sad to hear this, loved going when it first opened with the bar and pizza place. Went a few months back - like a ghost town, will be a huge loss to the area.

Sharon Corbett

It's a shame Runcorn Cineworld is closing. There are people that live in Runcorn that can't travel.

Kirsty Woods

Such a shame but it was always empty.

Julie Tullis

High prices and lack of film choice. Could have done so much more with it.

Tanya Periera Santos

I'm sick of hearing ‘use it or lose it’ in here. It may be a contributing factor but you all seem to forget the extortionate rent prices and the loss of both Pizza Hut and the bar and arcade, due to high rent prices and the pandemic, are now gone too. They are what helped the cinema thrive and since they've been gone, it was only a matter of time before the cinema itself went too. You can't just blame the locals for it going.

Calum Nelhams

The area in general is an eyesore. Did people use it probably not. The city and the buildings that are empty want levelling.

Shaun Percival

No surprise, Runcorn has nothing anyway and now one of the few things Runcorn did have is being removed. Disgusting and wrong. No one cares that Runcorn has nothing.

Damien Davies