PRAISE has been given to a nursery in Runcorn where children attend with ‘smiles on their faces’.

Early Learners Nursery was graded a good setting by education watchdogs after an inspection on August 16.

Ofsted Inspector Joanne Buckley started off the positive report saying, “Strong relationships are prioritised. Babies cuddle staff as they sing to them with soothing voices.”

She continues: “Children demonstrate they feel secure and respected. Staff support children to be kind and caring to others.”

The Lowlands Road nursery maintained its grading from its first and only other inspection received back in 2018.

Charming qualities of the setting highlighted in the report include how staff ‘help children to grow fruit and vegetables in the outdoor area’ which they are then able to eat during mealtimes.

As well as staff providing the younger babies who attend with ‘sensory experiences’ which help to encourage ‘high levels of curiosity’.

Ms Buckley praised the curriculum of the nursery too which ‘considers the individual needs of the children’, referring specifically to rooms where children need more assistance with their physical development and how the curriculum ‘focuses strongly on this’.

The report says: “Staff promote children's physical development well.

“Children are provided with ample experiences to continuously develop their small and large muscles.

“Staff plan the environment effectively, so babies have ample opportunities to pull themselves up to stand and to practise moving.”

Behaviour was another stand out feature of the report, with the nursery’s ‘consistent routine’ giving children at the setting a ‘sense of security’ and helping them to know what element of play is coming next.

“Staff play familiar music or ring bells to make children aware that it is time for the next stage of their routine,” Ms Buckley said.

“This helps children manage their own behaviour as they understand what is expected of them.”

Lastly it was observed that staff and leaders focus on helping children to ‘understand their feelings and emotions’.

The report concludes, “Younger children learn about the difference between happy and sad during circle times.

“Older children listen to stories, such as 'The Colour Monster', which staff use to help them learn how to express themselves and openly do this through their interactions.

“Children are secure and are becoming confident individuals.”

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