Children feel ‘safe’ and ‘contented’ at a welcoming primary school in Runcorn.

Little Manor Private Day Nursery was graded good in a recent inspection carried out by education watchdogs on July 13.

The combined nursery and pre-school setting has been praised for how its staff create ‘close bonds’ with all who attend and help each child ‘thrive’.

An official report by Ofsted said: “Children thrive on the familiar daily routines. Younger children awake refreshed after their sleep, with improved behaviour and an eagerness to learn.

“Children benefit from the strong support for their communication and language throughout the nursery.”

Inspectors reported how staff demonstrate to the children how to play creatively by using their imagination, while other toddlers felt safe and content in independently reading a book and not always being involved in the play.

“Children cover themselves in material and pretend to be ghosts. Some create their own games and rules during outdoor play, no longer relying on adults to lead their play.

“Others make the independent choice to sit quietly, exploring their favourite books, turning the pages and retelling the story in their own words.”

The ‘positive’ learning environment and ‘tailored curriculum’ were other key highlights in the report.

Staff were also praised for promoting healthy lifestyles to each child by teaching them the importance of healthy food.

“Children learn how vegetables grow, which foods are good for them, and about matters such as oral health.”

Lastly, nursery leaders were given a positive mention by Ofsted for their efforts to continually seek ‘feedback on ways to make ongoing improvements’ to the setting from parents.

As well as the support they provide to staff to ensure workloads are ‘manageable’ and training is always made available.