MORE than 500 people have signed a petition to save railway station ticket offices in Northwich and Runcorn.

The petition was started following the news plans to close up to 1,000 ticket offices across England are being consulted on.

While the Government and train operators say ticket office staff will be moved from behind screens onto platforms to help passengers, unions such as the RMT believe thousands of jobs will be axed.

Mike Amesbury launched a petition to save Northwich and Runcorn’s railway station ticket offices, with the Weaver Vale MP holding a demonstration at Northwich station.

The MP said: “A big thank you to the 520-plus people who have so far signed my petition calling on the Government to scrap the proposed closure of 1,000 ticket offices, including those at Northwich and Runcorn.

“People power has already led to the public consultation over the closures being extended until September 1.”

The recent demonstration at Northwich Station was attended by members of the public, councillors, the RMT union, and Northwich-based charity Disability Positive.

Mr Amesbury added: “Some customers who are elderly, disabled, or have Special Needs rely on being able to get tickets, advice, and help from a physical office. Others are saying the pricing system is so complex and confusing they rely on ticket office staff to ensure they get the best deal in these straitened times.

“I urge everyone to please sign my petition and, most importantly, email their objections to the rail operator responsible for running the threatened ticket office they use.”

Mr Amesbury asked people to ‘spare a thought’ for the thousands of rail staff whose jobs could be at risk, including employees in the local community.

To sign the petition, visit:

Comments on the proposed closures must now be received by Friday, September 1.

To comment on the Northwich closure, email:

To comment on the Runcorn closure, email:

Or write to (no stamp needed): RTEH-XAGE-BYKZ, Transport Focus, PO Box 5594, Southend on Sea, SS1 9PZ.