Mike Amesbury MP has been selected by the Labour Party to contest a planned new parliamentary seat which would combine the whole of Runcorn into one constituency.

The town is currently split between the Parliamentary constituency of Halton - which is Derek Twigg's seat - and Mike Amesbury's Weaver Vale, which includes Frodsham, Helsby, Northwich and swathes of mid Cheshire.

But under a radical overhaul of parliamentary boundaries published today, Weaver Vale and Halton would cease to exist, with the latter being replaced by the new seat of Widnes and Halewood.

Weaver Vale would vanish too and be replaced by two new seats of Mid Cheshire - which would include Middlewich, Northwich and Winsford - and Runcorn and Helsby.

Mike Amesbury said he would not contest the new Mid Cheshire seat, and has instead been chosen by Labour to fight it out for Runcorn and Helsby.

He said: "At a personal level, I will be sad to lose Northwich. It’s a strongly emotional decision for me as I will miss the people and the places. But the decision to carve up the seat was outside my control and it makes sense to stand for Runcorn and Helsby given it’s where my Frodsham home is based.

"On a positive note, it means you will no longer have the confusing situation where Runcorn is covered by two MPs. There will be one MP covering both the old and new towns, which must be a progressive step."

The new constituency would also take in areas beyond Helsby such as industrial areas like Stanlow as well as villages including Elton, Mickle Trafford, Mouldsworth and Ashton Hayes.

The changes have been brought in to even up the number of voters in each constituency and would only have an impact on General Elections and which MP represents particular constituents, there would be no changes to the geographical boundaries of the borough of Halton itself, or on council elections.

Mr Amesbury, whose constituncy office is based at Runcorn Shopping City, added: "I hope the electorate of the new Runcorn and Helsby seat will return me as their MP at the next election. If elected, I promise to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to championing the constituency to make it the best place to grow up and grow old, with nobody left behind."