AN MP has committed to doing anything it takes to bring Ibrahim Faraj home, including taking the issue to Parliament.

Mike Amesbury, MP for Weaver Vale, has said that ‘as a father’ he cannot imagine what Ranem Elkhalidi, the mother of Ibrahim, is going through.

Ranem, who lives in Frodsham, has been involved in a recent legal battle to name her son, who was ‘abducted’ by his father Hamzah Faraj and taken to Saudi Arabia more than six months ago.

Ibra went to a school in Warrington up until June of last year, at which point his mother moved him to a school in Frodsham where she now lives, as Hamzah had cut contact.

Ranem, who is a constituent of Mr Amesbury’s, won a High Court battle to publicise details of the ongoing case, after a previous family court order had prevented Ibrahim or Hamzah from being named.

Runcorn and Widnes World:

Due to the lack of an extradition treaty with Saudi Arabia, arrest warrants issued for Hamzah cannot be fulfilled.

As such, Mr Amesbury has said he will do anything he can to help, including raising the issue in Parliament.

He said: “My team has been supporting Ranem, a constituent, who is clearly very distressed at being separated from her young son.

“At the time of Ibrahim’s disappearance, I flagged the case to local children’s services, who were already aware, and the Foreign Office.

"Ranem was advised to seek specialist legal guidance, and I understand that has since happened.

“I also wrote to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London to ask if any support or assistance could be offered.

“In collaboration with Ranem, I am happy to help in any way believed to be productive, including raising her case in Parliament.

“I hope this situation can be resolved and that Ibrahim is reunited with his mother. As a father myself, I cannot begin to imagine what she must be going through.”