NEW BAND Parlour’s are ready to take over the local music scene.

The five-person Indie-Rock group made up partially of The Heath alumni have officially arrived – headlining their first gig this month to mark the release of their outstanding debut single ‘Hacienda’.

Brimming with an Indie soul and a high energy Rocky edge, the ode to Manchester’s premiere lost nightclub from the 80s and 90s is sure to be a hit.

With just over 2,000 listens at the time of release, the chance to jump onto a band before they blow up is primed and ready.

Singer Tom Gaskell, Guitarist Kane Partington, and Bassist Tom Jones all went to Priestley College together, with Gaskell going to Beaumont High School and the other two going to St Gregory’s High School prior to that.

Runcorn and Widnes World:

Guitarist Jack Swanwick and Drummer Joe Dursley both went to The Heath School in Runcorn.

After all five went to University together, the band was formed just over a year ago with the group being mates from a young age.

Their debut single was recorded at the legendary Motor-Museum Recording studio. With the hard hitting indie rock sound to the tune, it is fitting they recorded it in the same walls that Oasis and the Artic Monkeys have previously recorded in.

Their first ever headline gig took place at FC2, featuring alongside fellow indie band ‘The Hillocks’, as well as an acoustic solo artist Caitlyn Eve from Liverpool.

Guitarist Kane Partington said of the gig: “From start to finish this was one to remember for us as it was our first mini milestone in the journey ahead of us.

Runcorn and Widnes World:

“We were last to hit the stage to perform in-front of a roaring crowd as energetic and up for it as we were.

“We received a crazy amount of support from our crowd chanting “Up the Parlours” throughout the set, some of whom had travelled across the northwest to watch us play.

“Since the release of Hacienda we’ve received an overwhelming amount of love and support and continue to do so.”

Their next gig sees the band return to Friar’s Court, opposite FC2, playing a Neighbourhood Weekender afterparty show this Sunday following the 10:20pm curfew at Weekender.